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Directors H&S Responsibilites

This 1 day course is aimed at all Chairpersons, Directors, and Company Secretaries who are responsible for the well being of a company to ensure their employees are working in a safe environment.


This course is ideal for new start up businesses as it will help Directors to ensure that the health and safety risks arising from their organisation’s activities are properly managed. The focus is mainly on the health and safety responsibilities of Chairpersons, Company Directors and Company Secretaries.

The topics covered are:

1. Effective management of health and safety
2. Health and Safety Leadership
3. Acceptance of individual role in providing health and safety leadership
4. Board decisions reflect health and safety intentions
5. Engaging active participation of workers in improving health and safety
6. Appointment of health and safety director
7. Summary of Legal responsibilities

On completion of this course all delegates would have a better understanding of their individual and the Boards responsibilities towards the company’s health and safety responsibilities.

For further information contact Philip VandenBerg on 01189541700 or email