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Accident and Incident Investigation

This 1 day course covers the requirements of HSG 245 Investigating accidents and incidents

The course is designed for managers and supervisors who have responsibility for ensuring the safety of employees. It outlines the causes of accidents, how to prevent re-occurrence and finding the route cause of the accident/incident.


Legal reasons for investigating
Information and insights gained from an investigation
Benefits arising from an investigation
Which events should be investigated?
Who should carry out the investigation and when?
What makes a good investigation?
Techniques for analysing adverse events

This is achieved by the following 4 steps

Step 1
Emergency response:

Step 2
Analyzing the information

Step 3
Identifying suitable risk control measures

Step 4
The action plan and its implementation


Public course dates for 2016; 

16th February - 14th April - 23rd June - 15th October 

Cost; £150.00 per delegate + VAT

Location of Course; Reading.

For further information contact Philip VandenBerg on 01189541700 or email: