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Principles of Risk Assessments

This 1 day course is aimed at managers/supervisors who have a responsibility to ensure their staff are working in a safe environment.


The aim of this course is to train nominated managers/supervisors in the principles of risk assessments.

Topics covered:

1.  Legislation relating to risk assessments
2.  Generic assessments
3.  Scope of assessments
4.  General principles of prevention
5.  Methods of risk reduction
6.  Assessment reviews
7.  Further assessments
8.  Introduction of the 5 steps to risk assessment
       a Look for hazards
       b Decide who might be harmed, and how
       c Evaluate the risks arising from the hazards and decide whether existing precautions are 
          adequate or more should be done
       d Record your findings
       e Review your assessment from time to time and revise if necessary
9.   Risk action program
10. Risk estimation & necessary action & timing
11. Practical assessment

At the completion of this course all delegates will be suitably competent to carry out risk assessments and will be able to participate effectively in the risk evaluation process by fully understanding the risk assessment duty necessitated by legislation, the company procedure and their role.

All courses are delivered in Reading or at your premises.

Cost per delegate £150.00 Plus VAT

In-house course can be arranged at your company location. Cost for this is £500.00 for up to 12 delegates + VAT 

For further information contact Philip VandenBerg on 0800 047 5876 or email