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Risk Assessment

Before you can prevent an accident from happening, you have to be aware that there is a risk of one happening.

Control the health and safety risks in your workplace is crucial. To prevent accidents from happening, it is necessary to think about what, in your company, might cause harm to people. Risk assessment shows you whether your business meets all the requirements to protect employees.

Our expert consultants are able to carry out risk assessments, enabling you to identify:

  • The hazards (anything that has the potential to cause harm) present in your workplace
  • People who might be harmed and how
  • What the company is already doing to control them
  • Actions your company needs to take to remove or reduce the risks


Bravanark Network does not only carry out risk assessments, but also train your staff to do them by themselves. Thanks to our trainings, your team will be able to provide the service in-house, reducing significantly costs.


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