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Risk Assessment

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations require every employer to carry out risk assessments. Why? Because before you can prevent an accident from happening you have to be aware that there is a risk of one happening. The process of doing risk assessments enables you to identify any hazards within your workplace, assess the risks associated with that hazard and then take appropriate action that will either remove or reduce the risk.

So what is a hazard and what is a risk? Well, a hazard is anything that has the potential to cause harm and a risk is a measure of how likely it is that a hazard will cause harm. Bravanark can do a risk assessment of your workplace and - better still - can train your staff how to do them, so that when they are due to be reviewed as the Regulations demand they are, your costs are kept down, because you can do it in-house.

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Risk assessments also cover stress!  Click here to launch the Stress Questionnaire. If your organisation is putting your staff at risk of becoming stressed then consider the management practices you are currently working with.  Click on our HR pages to see how Bravanark can help.