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Why do you need accessible parking?

For some disabled people cars are the only practical way of moving from a place to another. Therefore, accessible parking is a major consideration for them in choosing their service providers.

Parking areas should be in safe and suitable locations. They should be firm, level, well drained, clearly signposted and as close as possible to where people need to go when they leave their vehicles.

If you cannot supply on-site parking , an alternative might be bays or lay-bays, offset from the flow of traffic and people, where vehicles can be left safely. It could be useful to find out where the nearest accessible bays are, so you can let your customers know. If there are not any nearby, you might also consider approaching your local authority about improving the situation.

Bravanark Network can help you check the safety of your parking areas and bays, providing you with efficient solutions to let your customers feel safe and secure when visiting your business locations.

Does your Parking meet the requirements​?

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