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For some disabled people cars are the only practical way of getting from A to B so accessible parking is a major consideration for them in choosing their service providers.  The provision of accessible bays of course is dependent upon many things including location, space, use of building etc, and if you are a service provider that cannot supply on-site parking for one reason or another it would be a good idea to find out where the nearest accessible bays are to you and your service, so you can let your customers know.  If there aren’t any nearby, consider approaching your local authority about improving the situation.

If you do provide on-site parking at least one of these spaces should be designated for disabled people and it should be as near to the principal entrance to the building as possible.  Bays should be level and should be wide enough to allow both car doors to be opened to allow disabled drivers and their passengers to transfer to a wheelchair.  There should also be space enough lengthwise to allow for tail loading.