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Entrance and Reception

There are many things to think about here but as a starting point consider the following:

  • is the entrance to your building easily distinguishable?
  • do the doors to your building open inwards or outwards?
  • is the threshold into your building flush?
  • if you have security access to your building is it easy to find/read/use/reach?
  • is there a canopy or porchway over the door/s?
  • are entrance mats firm and flush to the floor?
  • is there a lobby into your building?
  • what type of doors are your entrance doors?
  • how heavy are they?
  • are the doors on automatic closers?
  • is there an effective clear width through the doors?
  • are the doors glazed?
  • are the doors easily distinguishable from their surroundings?
  • are the door handles easy to grip?
  • is your reception desk easy to find?
  • can your receptionist’s face be seen by all people at the other side of the counter?
  • is the reception desk high or low enough to accommodate most people?
  • is there space for someone in a wheelchair to park alongside their companion in your waiting area?
  • do you have a mixture of seating available in your waiting area?
  • is your reception area serviced by an induction loop?


This list is not exhaustive but gives you an idea of the types of things an access audit will look at.  It also gives you a starting point when you begin to consider your own services and premises.