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Circulation Routes

When considering circulation routes think about the things people have to negotiate once they’re on-site to get around your building or premises.  For example:


  • are corridors wide enough and free from obstruction?
  • do doors open into corridors?
  • are corridors well lit and well signposted?
  • are corridors level?
  • are internal doors wide enough?
  • are doors easy to open and/or close?
  • do doors have vision panels in them?
  • is door furniture appropriate?
  • is the colour scheme in the building an aid or a hindrance to visitors?
  • are stairs and handrails appropriate?
  • are lifts easy to use?
  • are lifts big enough?
  • are lift call buttons and controls adequate?


This list is not exhaustive but does give you a starting point when considering the accessibility of your own building/premises.